2018 Plant Subscription

The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.
— Alfred Austin

Why should we have all the fun?!

Here at Sierra Flower Farm we thrive off all aspects of cultivating cut flowers.  From patching up our tiny greenhouse, to sowing seeds, to growing, to harvesting- we love it all!

There is something beyond satisfying with getting dirt under your fingernails and your hard work being rewarded with buckets of fresh blooms.  

Have you always wanted a cut flower garden but have been skeptical?  Do you have a gardener in the family who would like to try their hand at some specialty cut flowers? Do you simply want to walk into your backyard and be greet with the splendid perfume of sweet peas?

We have you covered!  Each month, during the months of April-June 2018, we will hand deliver flower transplants at their optimal planting out time.  Our crazy Nevada weather have you nervous?  Don't be!  We have will deliver plant babies that can handle it, along with some information on how to protect them (in case the weather gets a little out of hand).

We will provide an essential care sheet for each flower we deliver to you.  The sheet will cover concerns such as:

- How to plant out

- Optimal amount of sun

- Frost tolerance

- Spacing

- Nutritional needs

- How to harvest and care for cut flowers


Yes, we are sharing all our knowledge and wrapping it up with a pretty bow! Not to mention, we have all kinds of nuggets of information on our blog as well.

For three months, get plant babies delivered right to your door, 12 plants each month for a total of 36 healthy plants!  We grow all our flowers in organic soil and use sustainable practices.  We believe in adding to the earth, not depleting it.  

Why grow flowers?

Where do I begin?!  There are umpteen reasons to grow them.  They attract beneficial pollinators, which will help increase your vegetable yield.  They reward you before the tomatoes are even blooming!  Everyone deserves fresh cut flowers on their table, the fragrance, the color will put a smile on your face even on a rough day.  As Monet says "I must have flowers, always, and always."


Homegrown floral bliss is only a click away!

Get it now for $85

The Plant Subscription will commence April 2018