We are a family run urban flower farm nestled in the Carson Valley of Northern Nevada.


The "farm" isn't the typical farm of rolling acres, but rather, we're a tiny urban farm.  "We" encompasses myself, my husband (Graham) and our two daughters (Emma and Janey) plus any other unsuspecting family member I can rope in!  We love to get our hands dirty and sweat on our brows.  We hand select each variety grown and source each seed, corm, bulb, tuber and cutting.  We source only the highest quality all from US companies and other small scale farmers.  We're drawn to growing the unusual and heirloom varieties.  From selection to sowing the seed to planting.  My husband and I have hand dug each row and pulled tons of river rocks out!  It truly is a labor of love.

We began our flower farming journey with a mere 2,000 square feet of growing space but we planted intensely and succession planted, this allowed us to have a continuous supply of blooms all season long. Now, we are embarking in the next leg of our journey, with our new property we have a good quarter acre of unloved dirt that we are working on healing to become a thriving flower farm!

 We are conscious of our impact on the environment and the ecosystem within our gardens and beyond.  We are committed to only using sustainable growing practices.  By that, we mean, we are committed to adding to the earth’s health, not depleting it.  Before our flowers become bouquets and centerpieces for you, they are food sources and homes to the bees and other beneficial insects.  This approach rewards us with blooms that are more fragrant, long lasting, and simply enchanting.

Join us hand-in-hand as we take our new piece of property and turn it into a thriving flower farm!


Farmer-Florist it's a thing

Farmers and florists all wrapped into one! Sierra Flower Farm extends the same philosophies that we have for our growing practices to the arrangement of the flowers.  We are not looking to control the flowers, but rather, enhance them and allow the flowers to share their story in a free flowing, organic manner.  The blooms are the true storytellers. We are here simply to highlight their natural beauty. 


Jessica Chase, Owner & Farmer-Florist


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Greetings!  I am Jessica, the owner and crazy flower lover behind Sierra Flower Farm.  I am a wife, a mother to two little girls, and probably drink too much coffee for my own good! I love creating and sharing my passion with others, especially when it comes to flowers.  This journey of flower farming became a passion and then a reality after growing my first vegetable garden... and then falling into an obsession with the flowers (sorry, not sorry, vegetables).  

Flowers weather storms and reward us with their beauty.   Some sweet peas in one of my Grandmother's vases, have the ability to make a rough day into something special and a special day into a magical one.  I want to give that same beauty and magic to you, through my growing and arranging of flowers.

I'm excited you are visiting my website and hope I will be handing some wonderful flowers to you soon. 

To learn more about my personal journey of discovering and then becoming a Farmer-Florist please read my most personal blog post yet here.  No matter how grand or humble your dreams are, I hope you find it inspiring to just go for it.

- Jessica


Calling all Flower farmers & dreamers!


We hear you!

We hear your passion, your love and you struggles with flower farming. From the growing side, design, business and just general need for comfort and inspiration. We get you. Flower farming is an amazing journey with high peaks and low valleys.

As much as we would love to respond to each of your questions/concerns on an individualized basis we thought, why do that?! You have great concerns that so many others can also benefit knowing!

To help you hand blooms…

We’re launching a flower farming series!

Flower farming is not a one size fit all, therefore this series will not be a how-to but more of a how-we-do series. Pick up some tips and tricks on growing and the farming side of the cut flower business from seed to harvest. We all know a business does not stop there, so we won’t either! We’ll talk business, marketing and providing great customer service. Also, flower farming is hard work, we’re here to be your cheerleader when you feel alone is the world.

Have a concern/question/topic you would like us to cover? Please email us and let us know!

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Here are some blogs to get you started!


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