Should I do my own event florals?

Photo Credit: Minnie  Bredouw & Doug Klein

Photo Credit: Minnie Bredouw & Doug Klein

DIY flowers is a wonderful option for those on a budget or simply want to experience the joy of playing with farm fresh blooms.  This option may be great for some but more troublesome to others.  To see if this is a viable option for you ask yourself these few questions (note, the questions are geared towards weddings but any event could be inserted):

  • Am I comfortable to work with fresh flowers? (There may be bugs…)

  • Can I handle the surprise of grower's pick and not specific varieties guaranteed?

  • Do I (or an appointed friend/family member) have a minimum 8 hours available the day prior to the wedding to work on making the floral arrangements?

  • Do I want to travel, 24-48 hours prior to my wedding day, to pick up the flowers?

  • Do I have the proper vehicle that can accommodate transporting the flowers?

  • Do I have enough workspace (plenty of room, somewhere cool to store the flowers and a decent sized sink) to use while working with the flowers? Access to fresh water?

  • Do I have an awesome crew (friends/family) who can help me the day prior to the wedding handle the stress of taking on a large-scale (and last minute) DIY project?

  • Am I picky? Meaning: a very specific, highly stylized floral design in mind or can just go with the flow with whatever happens last minute?

  • Righthand man (or woman), someone I trust who can and is willing to set up all the centerpieces and other floral decor the morning of the wedding (while I'm getting pampered and dressed)?

  • Its the end of a long day, do I feel like hunting down all the vases and other containers myself, and what am I going to do with all of them afterwards?

  • Do I want to research and buy all the necessary supplies/tools required to make the intricate bridal party pieces (bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages) or do I want to hire a florist while I handle the ceremony and reception floral arrangements?

  • Do I want props or special containers that would be too costly to buy myself instead of rent from a farmer-florist?

  • Clean up crew, while I'm dashing off with the darling, do I have someone who can help clean up and take away all the flowers/decor after the wedding is done?

Still wanting to take on DIYing your wedding flowers?  Awesome!! For those that have not worked with local flowers (or perhaps any flowers!) I highly recommend "Fresh From the Field Wedding Flowers" written by Lynn Byczynski and Erin Benzakein.  This E-book with access to videos is a worthwhile gem to help you on a journey of DIY flowers!

Be sure to read our Cut Flower Care Guide to learn how to best take care of your event flowers.  Note that event flowers will be delivered to you in their "prime," meaning fully open and this decreases vase life (but who wants wedding flowers that are all closed up?!). without proper care they will quickly decline. This is why we highly recommend a nice cool place (such as an air-conditioned room) to store your event flowers in.