February Happenings

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After the dust from the holidays settled and we conquered all the fun colds, we took a moment to finally soak in the year 2017. Our family had an incredible year filled with new adventures, new friends and many challenges.  Sierra Flower Farm was received way better than I had ever dreamed.  Being a vendor at Eddy Street Vintage Market and the Saturday morning Carson City Farmer’s market are amazing privileges that we are very thankful for.  Not only was Sierra Flower Farm welcomed but so was my husband’s wood turning business, Graham Chase Woodturning.  It quickly became chaos, even though a happy chaos, still chaos.  We realized that going by the seam of our pants is not a sustainable business model, let alone a way of living.   We decided that we didn’t want to simply get “through the day” but live it, conquer it.  We wanted to change our previous habitual mindset.  That mindset was tiring, left us unsatisfied and feeling like failures in many aspects of our lives.  Now, not only are we owning our days, we are also making our family’s word “balance.”



My husband and I tend to be the all in or nothing.  That’s not life, it takes a little bit of dabbling and balance to tie everything together.  Last year was filled with surprises, this year, we have a better idea and are planning more.  Strategizing and working in between games of hopscotch and frozen yogurt at the park.  So far, this is making for an incredible journey, strengthening our little family and ourselves.  Plus, it will allow us a little more room to handle life's surprises.


 Can't wait for poppies again!  Gearing up to tuck these guys into the garden this week!

Can't wait for poppies again!  Gearing up to tuck these guys into the garden this week!

What exactly have we been up to with the flowers?  We are digging deep, literally.  My husband and I have been manually double digging and further sifting (more) rocks from our garden beds.  Our soil is not nice, and even through most patches are going into their fourth year (with being turned over for multiple successions) it is still a huge work in progress.  We have rocks.  We have clay.  We have hardpans. To combat this, we are shoveling, sifting and adding lots of calcium to our soil, along with amendments, homemade compost and lots of aged manure.  This is a lot of work upfront, but it’s been needed and we have our fingers crossed that this is the last time these rows are going to need such an aggressive approach. 

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These unseasonable warm temperatures have awoken our garden about a month and a half sooner than anticipated!  I’m sure you are experiencing some early bloomers and perhaps some early allergies even.  Daffodils are popping up and the tulips will be right behind.  We know our high desert climate and it can definitely swing back into winter in a blink of an eye, and that blink seems to be in the coming week.  While the weather is nice, we’ve been doing everything we can to get a jumpstart on the season.  Even on the colder days, if the soil is workable, snapdragons continue to be planted despite frozen fingers. The last of the anemones and ranunculus just got nestled into the ground last week and the sweet peas are going in later today.  Planting this time last year (and most other years) are usually out of the question for our area.  Frozen ground covered in snow is the more typical February.  We seem to have gotten quite the break this year.  The key is being prepared to cover and protect the plants from the crazy temperature fluctuations, along with planting cold hardy flowers.  Building low tunnels, even double tunneling some of the more sensitive flowers, keeping our tiny greenhouse warm on the coolest nights with a little space heater and agribon are some of the tactics we use to protect the plant darlings.  Venting tunnels on the warm days and hunkering them down on the cold.  It is quite the juggling act!

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We have lots of exciting and new to us varieties already growing in the greenhouse.  Cut flowers, herbs, and perennial flowers.  I love this time of year of new beginnings after the dark days of winter.  We are also excited to offer our plant subscription to offer varieties for your garden that you won’t typically find.  All grown using organic products and sustainable practices.  Perfect way to dip your toes in cut flowers without having to start them from seed yourselves!  Along with the plants, you will get exclusive access to important growing and harvesting information for each unique variety.

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In between gearing up for spring, I've been busy with wedding consults.  In the name of "balance," I'm only taking on a handful of weddings this year and the calendar is filling up fast!  If you are or know someone that is getting married and would love Nevada Grown flowers in their wedding, fill out our Wedding Inquiry Form to get the process started.  

The one thing going on this week that my girls are excited about: Valentine’s Day!!  I’m not going to lie; I get excited for the holiday too!  It gives a splash of color and something to look forward to plus CHOCOLATE.  This week, we’re busy cutting out paper hearts, making cake pops, and delivering cards for the lucky receivers of Sierra Flower Farm’s SPRINGing for Flowers Bouquet Subscription



If you are looking for something unique to gift your Valentine or even Galentine, give the gift of local blooms through our SPRINGing for Flowers Bouquet Subscription.  We have some delicious varieties of tulips, decadent daffodils, scrumptious Italian ranunculus plus other spring favorites!  Four Hand-designed bouquets delivered straight to your door. Signup on our website or give me a call and we can get you squared away in time for Wednesday!  We’ll also be taking signups at the next Eddy Street sale.  Deliveries begin April.



One of my goals for the year 2018 is to release a weekly blog post to give you all kinds of fun gardening tips and tricks, design tutorials and Sierra Flower Farm happenings on the farm!  I hope you will enjoy my journey of blogging as much as I do.  I have some awesome topics planned.

 Have an idea or request?  Feel free to shoot me an email with your idea!



Have a blooming day and I can't wait to be handing you some blooms soon!


- Jessica