March Happenings

Springtime is the land of the awakening. The March winds are the morning yawn.
— Lewis Grizzard

It’s late March and there is FINALLY a ton of snow on the mountains!  Kind of late but Job’s Peak is looking quite ravishing dolled up with the powdery snow.  It has been an insane winter this year, in between the bouts of snow the days are warm ones. There have already been t-shirt days as we have been double digging row beds, then puffy jackets for trudging through the snow to the greenhouse.  One day I’m trying to keep the plants under tunnels from getting overheated to the next hunkering them done as best I can to keep them cozy.



Last weekend we were hopping over at Eddy Street Vintage Market's Spring Fling sale.  For the first time this year it snowed all day but it was sunny inside the shop!. Thank you to everyone who supported Emma by purchasing the little green packs of lettuce, rainbow chard and spinach- that she grew herself!  That meant the world to her.  Though we were in the mindset of spring it sure was blustery outside!



Every time winter bears it’s face once again, I find myself nail-biting nervous.  Our flowers are field grown, in that we don’t have snuggly high tunnels or big heated greenhouses.  We have some low tunnels (which I’m sure our neighbors love to look at!) and out tiny greenhouse with a space heater but that’s the extent of the protection.  I must say, the tunnels are doing amazing this year!  The ranunculus are clueless that it’s been howling out, they are just happy as can be and getting ready to send out some buds.  The tulips have all popped up, some will be ready to adorn homes sooner than later.  Just yesterday I spied buds on the narcissi.  Very exciting!  I can’t believe our SPRINGing for Flowers bouquet subscription will begin in just a matter of weeks.  It felt like forever since I tucked in all the spring bulbs in and now they are almost here.  The anticipation is killing me!  I don’t know about you but I am ready for the sweet scent of daffodils and the rainbow of anemones.  Plus, there are so many amazing new varieties growing in the garden this year  Nothing like meeting new flower friends. 



Despite the cold and ice spring is truly here.  The past few weeks I’ve been sowing thousands of seeds.  Last week I decided to take the leap and sow some of the warm loving flowers: zinnias, cosmos, amaranth, and I can go on.  Our tiny greenhouse is busting at the seams, trays stacked upon trays. We shall see how this experiment pans out!  That’s the thing about farming, you’re always a season a head and in our area, it’s a real gamble.  I must admit though, I'm pretty excited about growing a new-variety-to-me zinnia, Queen Lime Orange.  It absolutely reminds me of orange sherbet.  Along with sowing seeds, the dahlia tubers are beginning to flood my mailbox.  I've been potting those guys up to get give them a nice head start (and sneak some cuttings to experiment with that).  



Everything in the greenhouse is thriving and we can’t work rows fast enough to get the plant babies out!  It’s an exciting time because the official start of our season is near.  Before the snowstorm we were able to nestle out the sweet pea, stock, larkspur and (given that it was the week of St.Patrick’s) bells of Ireland.   These guys are tough!  Even with snow collapsed tunnels or nothing at all they are perky and thriving.



We are giddy with excitement for April.  Flowers will be blooming and we will be getting ready for some really ambitious surprises for Eddy Street Vintage Market’s “Fairy Garden” sale.  Not to mention my favorite holiday, Easter, is right around the corner.  I simply love how the earth is awakening after it’s long winter slumber.  The pops of green and the buzzing of the bees, it is refreshing and rejuvenating.  While Graham is busy with tax season, the girls and I have been relishing in the coming spring.  The girls and I have been soaking in the sunshine and while I pull weeds, they take them and replant them!  At least they are learning how to transplant, I just need to get them to transplant wanted plants. In just a few weeks Emma will be a big six-year-old.  My how time flies, it feels like we were just postponing Easter dinner (because she decided she didn't want to miss out!).   Emma has decided she wants to grow some of her own flowers this year, so we're planning on a kid-friendly area where she can learn to tend her own garden.  I find it exciting to see their love for gardening blossom and their willingness to take on responsibility.  Dirt and water, what isn't there to love?  All their tools have somehow disappeared so guess what they're getting in their baskets!    


It’s not too late to sign up for our SPRINGing for Flowers bouquet subscription.  It makes a perfect gift to snuggle into an Easter basket.  Have a gardener in the family that enjoys the process of growing their own flowers?  We have our plant subscription too!  All our seedlings have been lovingly and earth-friendly grown.  We have a nice mix of herbs, perennials, and annual cut flowers and of course they are all very unique!  Also, it comes with exclusive access to growing tips and tricks for each variety delivered.


Happy Spring and I hope to be handing you some blooms soon!