Calling all flower farmers and dreamers!


We hear you…

Your love, your passion and your struggles when it comes to flower farming and being a farmer-florist. We are in it with you! We’ve been there, are there or will most likely be there someday.

The outpouring of love and questions that have been flooding our inboxes is amazing. You each have some great concerns! Even though we would love to give individualized advice we decided why do that?! Especially when someone else can benefit from the advice! We are launching a flower farming series. To inspire you. To show you how we tackle flower farming, marketing, florists, owning our story, bootstrapping all while balancing family and life!

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Flower Farming is not a one-size fit all endeavor so this isn’t a how-to series much like a how-we-do to help you on your journey and to inspire you!

If you have a specific concern/question/topic you would like us to cover, please email us and let us know!

We are looking forward to helping you hand blooms soon!