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We are thrilled to be documenting our journey of taking an unloved patch of dirt and turning it into a thriving micro-urban-flower-farm!

This series is less of a “how-to” video series and more of a “how-we-do” series. See our ups and downs of what it takes to hand out customers beautiful, sustainably grown blooms. Along the way, pick up some tips and tricks for your own flower growing adventures!

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Ranunculus and anemones are two of our absolute favorite spring blooms. They can be intimidating to grow and take a little extra pampering but they are completely worth it! First step in having armloads of these beauties is to wake them up by plumping them up by pre-soaking the corms! Watch us in action as we break the dormancy of these corms in preparation of spring blooms. Bonus: watch how we decided to custom build a corm soaking system (that could also be used to brew some yummy compost tea!).

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Before we can even begin thinking of nestling tulips and plant babies in the ground there is something we have to tackle first: the herbicide build up in our new growing patch! Watch us in action and dive into the Nitty-Gritty of all the “why’s” and the “how” we decided to detox our soil!

If you want dive deeper into the Nitty-Gritty of all the “why’s” and the “how” we decided to detox our soil you can read our blog post Nitty Gritty: Detoxing Soil

This video is our very first of many to come! Come meet us and our new flower farm!

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