Now booking weddings for 2020

Love is the flower of life, and blossoms unexpectedly and without law, and must be plucked from wherever it is found...
— DH Lawrence


Know your wedding florist and your farmer all in one!  Fresh flowers from our field to your hands.  We provide an unique floral experience that will be a conversation piece for years to come.  

Our philosophy in design and growing are much the same: allow the flowers to tell the story.  

Allow them the privilege of telling the story of your special day!

We custom grow and lovingly curate the flowers to fit you!

We are now booking weddings for 2020.  

jessi harvesting dahlias 2019.JPG

We ask couples wanting to work with us that they be open-minded and flexible to seasonal flowers.  We take on limited weddings per season, so be sure to book early- especially so we can get your wedding colors growing!

We are not a traditional florist with typical flowers. Yes, you may spy tiny tomatoes or raspberries in your bridal bouquet!  We grow everything used for our weddings on our property.  We do not order or work with imported flowers and only source flowers from other like-minded farmers when absolutely necessary (i.e. nature is not playing nice!).  

All our flowers are grown naturally, chemical-free and in our field.  Along similar principles, we remain eco-conscious in our floral designs.  To see if we are a good option, please read are local flowers right for my event?

We understand that each wedding couple is unique in their situation and needs, therefore, we have three options to fulfill your wedding floral dreams!

2019 august copper wedding arbor.JPG

Full Service

This package is for those fancying some pampering!  Let us give our full attention on your big day, hand-delivered, set up and breakdown of all the floral pieces that you desire for your wedding.  From the bridal bouquet to the ceremony arbor we are personally there to create and deliver.  Minimum purchase amount $2,500.

- Personal Pieces (bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, hair pieces)

- Ceremony Pieces (arbor, aisle decor)

- Reception Pieces (centerpieces, table decor, cake, etc)

- One complimentary phone consultation (average length is 15-30 minutes)

- One farm visit during the months of May-September (optional)

- Delivery/Setup/Breakdown

- Available Mid May- Mid September

A La Carte

Sometimes you just don't have the appetite or need for the full meal.  Enter our a la carte option.  We will take care of the more intricate personal pieces, such as bridal bouquet and boutonnieres, you can take care of the ceremony and reception pieces!  Our A La Carte option is for pickup only, either the day of or prior to your event date.  There is a minimum purchase amount of $300.  This option pairs wonderfully with our Bulk Botanicals!

- Personal Pieces (bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, hair pieces)

- Misc. flowers (cake flowers, flower confetti/petals)

- Centerpieces/Arrangements with purchase of vessels (sorry, rented vessels are not an available option with our A La Carte packages).

- No delivery.  Pickup only in Gardnerville, Nevada

- Available May-Mid September

- One complimentary phone consultation (15 minutes is the typical length)

June 2019 bridal bouquet.JPG

Bulk Botanicals

DIY wedding flowers are a great option for those of a slimmer budget (or simply have the passion to do their own flowers!) that still want to use unique local blooms.  

The wedding couple need to be flexible and open-minded if choosing this option.  

Each of our bulk botanical buckets comes with 50-65 stems of mixed flowers and foliage.  

A typical breakdown of one of our bulk botanical buckets is: 55% Filler (greenery/filler flowers), 35% Disk/Spike/Airy components and 15% Focal flowers.

Our bulk botanical buckets are well-balanced with the necessary components to make well rounded bouquets and arrangements that are visually appealing and compliment each other.

Depending on availability and what is in bloom the week of your event, additional premium flowers may be purchased by the stem.

These buckets are grower's pick of what's in bloom the week of your event.  Specific varieties of flowers will not be guaranteed. We will allow one color to be omitted complimentary (except for white).  

This is for the more adventurous wedding couple who are looking for a "wildflower" or more natural, scooped from the garden look.   

Pickup only for this option, one to two days prior to the event.  We will provide care instructions for the flowers along with a release form that will need to be signed by the person designated to pick up the flowers.  

Each bulk botanical bucket is $80.  

Desire a bucket with a more specific color palette? We are in the works of penciling out this option! It will be coming soon.

This is a true DIY option and does not come with a phone consultation.  Read "Should I Design My Own Wedding Florals?" to see if this is a fit for you!

- No delivery.  Pickup only in Gardnerville, Nevada

- No complimentary phone consultation

-Available June - Mid September


Gardner & Pieron Wedding May 2019. A la carte wedding with bulk botanicals. They did an amazing job and had a great crew of helping hands!

Photo Credit: Minnie Bredouw & Doug Klein


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We are looking forward to growing , harvesting and handing wedding blooms to you soon!

Thank you for your consideration of our local flowers for your incredibly special day! - Jessica